News 2012

The JMMC Technical Group is proud to release its new software aimed at simplifying your use of VO tools in optical interferometry : AppLauncher ! AppLauncher will help you: discover and automatically start VO tools for your own workflow; easily ensure VO interoperability by managing the SAMP hub for you; directly start JMMC tools and others with a mouse clic.
The recently published review article on interferometric observations of rapidly rotating stars might be of interest to you: "Interferometric Observations of Rapidly Rotating Stars", Gerard T. van Belle, Lowell Observatory, Astronomy and Astrophysics Review, v. 20, no. 1, article 51
The PhD dissertation of Claudia Paladini, "Interferometry of carbon rich AGB stars", has been released.
The NASA Astrophysics Division solicits proposals for the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI) Science Team (LBTI-ST). The LBTI-ST is designed to augment the skill set of the PI Science Team, thereby enabling it to more effectively execute the exo-zodi science program for this experiment. LBTI-ST members serve as full participant scientists along with the PI Science Team and assist in science deliberations, target selections, LBTI observations, data processing and analysis, follow-up observations, and publication in peer-reviewed journals.