News 1995-1996

95.04.04 Navy Interferometer Sees Fringes! Click here
95.04.25 University of Utah Fiber Optics Dispersion/Coupling Studies. Click here
95.07.27 Palomar Testbed Interferometer Sees Fringes! Click here
95.09.13 First COAST interferometric images to be published! The Cambridge optical interferomter team will soon be publishing pictures of Capella (alpha Auri). Observations were made at 830 nm from 95/09/13 to 95/09/28. They will be published in A&A 306(1), probably in February. There will be another article published in Science. The full text of the articles is on the COAST web ; click here
96.10.29 Dr. Gerard van Belle defended his PhD thesis, "Angular Size Measurements of Highly Evolved Stars", at the University of Wyoming, based on data collected with the IOTA interferometer.