News 2009

The press release Close up photos of dying star show our Sun's fate from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics describes results from the IOTA interferometer.
A postdoctoral position to work with Prof. Antoine Labeyrie on hypertelescope concepts has been announced. Details are available at the LISE website. The application deadline is 31 December 2009.
Staff at the CHARA Array is being allowed to return to Mt Wilson this week. A continuing log of updates is being posted by Harold McAlister. It seems that although there is still cleaning up to do, the CHARA Array will indeed return to operation. The domes of the array were covered with fire retardant, but the optics not damaged.
The meeting notes from the IAU Commission 54 Business Meeting are available at the Commission website.
Applications for the 2010 Sagan Fellowships are now open. The deadline for both applications and letters of reference is Thursday, November 5, 2009 at 4 PM PST. Offers will be made before February 1, 2010, and new appointments are expected to begin on or about September 1, 2010.
Community access time is available in 2010 with the CHARA optical interferometer array. For more information see the NOAO website.
Harold McAlister wrote today that "The situation [on Mount Wilson] remains stable with very good prospects. No more backfires were set last evening, so only the long defensive backfire on the northerm perimeter was lit. Additional backfires on the east and south slopes will be set only if deemed necessary. Heavy man and equipment power remains on the mountain and will stay there until, hopefully, an all clear is given. If and when that happens remains uncertain, of course." Updates to the status of the Mount Wilson Observatory can now be found at the CHARA website.
The Station Fire in Los Angeles is approaching the Mount Wilson Observatory, home of the CHARA Array and the Infrared Spatial Interferometer. As of 5:30 pm Pacific time, the backup power to the mountain is out, and the total loss of power on the mountain is anticipated at any time. The fire has not reached the Observatory. Updates can be found from Harold McAlister's Mount Wilson Observatory (alternate) website, the Solar Tower Webcam, and news from the LA Times and KTLA.
The European Southern Observatory has issued the press release Sharpest views of Betelgeuse reveal how supergiant stars lose mass that describes results from two papers, including observations with AMBER.
OLBIN now features a search engine that will display preprints and new papers that have appeared in the past 31 days. The searches use the ADS database (and a list of usual suspects) and are available in the menu bar of every OLBIN page. Click on the following links, as they appear in the menu bar: arXiv. ADS
The Workshop Quantum of Quasars includes intensity interferometry amongst its topics. The workshop will be held 12-14 October 2009 in Grenoble, France.
The CHARA Array has obtained first fringes on its new three-way beam combiner, CLIMB, an extension of "CHARA Classic."
Pierre Kervella has won the SF2A (Societe Francaise d'Astronomie et d'Astrophysique) young researcher award for 2009, recognizing the excellence of his work in interferometry as well as his involvement in the community.
Lectures by Prof. Antoine Labeyrie of the College de France are available from 2008-2009. This includes concepts for a laser-driven hypertelescope flotilla.
David Saint-Jacques, a former PhD student from the COAST group at the University of Cambridge, has been announced as one of two new astronauts in the Canadian Space Program.
The Exoplanet Community Report has been published by JPL. This book contains two chapters devoted to interferometry. Hard copies are available upon request to the editor.
The SIM Book has been published. Copies are available upon request (follow instructions at the website).
The flight-requirements for broadband mid-infrared nulling, as would be needed by a mission such as TPF-I, have been demonstrated using the Adaptive Nuller testbed. Details of the experiments can be found in the Milestone Report.
John Monnier has been elected a member of the 2010 Decadal Survey's Program Prioritization Panel forOptical and Infrared Astronomy from the Ground.
The StratoCat website describes the cancellation of the FITE balloon launch in December 2008.
The NASA Exoplanet Science Institute has announced the 2009 Sagan Postdoctoral Fellows.
The European Southern Observatory has issued the press release Hundred metre virtual telescope captures unique detailed colour image describing observations of Theta1 Orionis C and T Leporis.
The European Southern Observatory has issued the press release Powerful New Technique to Measure Asteroids' Sizes and Shapes describing how the VLTI was used to measure the asteroid (951) Gaspra.