News 1998

Editorial: 18 December 1998

Editorials of 4 May 1998, 3 June 1998, 2 Sept 1998, 27 Oct 1998 and 19 Nov 1998.

98.12.14- An English translation from French of Sur l'extrême petitesse du diamètre apparent des étoiles fixes by Edouard Stéphan (1874) is available courtesy of P.R. Lawson.
98.12.11- Andreas Glindemann has been chosen as the new head of the VLTI Group at ESO.
98.12.4- An English translation from French of Extrait d'une lettre de M. Stéphan à M. Fizeau by Edouard Stéphan (1873) is available courtesy of P.R. Lawson.
98.12.1- An English translation from French of Prix Bordin: rapport sur le concours de l'année 1867 by Hippolyte Fizeau (1868) is available courtesy of P.R. Lawson.
98.12.1- The SIM Webpages have been completely revised.
98.12.1- ESO has advertised 8 Interferometry positions in a list of 30 available jobs. Deadline is December 30th.
98.11.18- Some photographs of NPOI have been added to the OLBIN pages.
98.11.16- The GAIA web pages have been updated, but is GAIA still an interferometer?
98.11.11- An English translation from German of Ueber Messung von Dopplesternen durch Interferenzen by Karl Schwarzschild (1896) is available courtesy of Rudolf Danner.
98.11.11- A commercial version of the PAPA Camera is being marketed by Lexitek, Inc.
98.11.11- A list of papers describing Nulling Interferometry has been added to the OLBIN pages.
98.11.4- Magdalena Ridge Observatory as described in February 1998, and their new Home Page with Web Cam.
98.11.3- Instructions to build your own Aluminium-foil Interferometer.
98.10.30- Photographs from the Workshop on Optical/IR Interferometry that was held in Flagstaff in October.
98.10.30- Announcement of the Award Winners for proposals under SIM Preparatory Science Program NRA 98-OSS-07.
98.10.27- Follow the progress of the LBT with the Latest View of its construction, updated hourly during the day.
98.10.21- 25 September 1998 issue of Science (Vol. 281, pp. 1940-1942) contains a News Focus description of space interferometry missions for planet finding - Seeking a snapshot of an alien world. Also read the commentary by Prof. Antoine Labeyrie.
98.10.20- A list of Preprints of papers in stellar interferometry has been added to the OLBIN pages.
98.10.20- The NPOI Web pages have been updated and are once again available.
98.09.28- The Web pages of ONERA have been updated.
98.09.22- A list of refereed papers published in 1998 has been added to the OLBIN pages.
98.09.14- Working on the Fringe, an International Conference on Optical and IR Interferometry from the Ground and Space will be held at Dana Point, California, May 24-28, 1999.
98.09.11- NASA Press Release announcing the choice of contractors for SIM.
98.09.10- The Deep Space 3 homepage has been revised. Also from the DS3 homepage you can enter a Web Search Contest on star and planet formation.
98.09.09- Une Journée Scientifique à la memoire de Jean-Marie Mariotti will be held at the Observatoire de Meudon on September 14, 1998.
98.09.04- The first telescope in the CHARA Array has passed acceptance testing in Tuscon Arizona and is scheduled to be delivered to Mnt. Wilson in November 1998.
98.09.02- The IOTA Web Site has been revised and updated.
98.09.02- The Keck Interferometer project has passed its Critical Design Review at JPL, and purchasing and construction of components may begin in the next few months.
98.08.19- Jean-Marie Mariotti passed away on July 28, 1998.
98.08.14- Photographs taken by Jim Breckinridge at the SPIE Conference at Kona.
98.08.07- First fringes on Vega with the Mira interferometer were observed in June 1998.
98.08.07- AMOS (Liege, Belgium) has been awarded the contract for delivery of the Auxiliary Telescopes (ATs) of the VLTI, as described in a Press Release from ESO.
98.08.03- ESO Fellowship Programme 1999/2000 has been announced.
98.07.24- Stereoscopic images of the GI2T, PTI, and SUSI available from my file of photographs - PRL.
98.07.14- Plans announced for the Magdalena Ridge Observatory, a three-element interferometer to be built on South Baldy Peak in New Mexico near the VLA.
98.07.02- COAST obtains the first infrared image (1.3 microns) by aperture synthesis with separated telescopes.
98.07.02- NPOI obtains first fringes on Vega with its new infrared table in June 1998.
98.06.30- VLT Opening Conference has been announced for March 1-5 1999 at Antofagasta, Chile.
98.06.12- Optical/IR Interferometry Workshop will be held at Flagstaff, Arizona, 4-9 October 1998.
98.06.08- A distribution list has been set up for information and announcements on SIM and optical/IR interferometry. Detailed instructions are available on the SIM web site, under New - SIM Mailing List
98.06.02- First-light with the first Unit Telescope of the VLT took place on May 25-26.
98.05.13- The VLT project has made substantial additions and revisions to their web site. A new VLTI Website has been added as of 27 April 1998.