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Previous Meetings, Conferences, and Workshops

  • ESA and ESO in association with the Leiden Observatory will be hosting a Workshop on the Ground based European Nulling Interferometry Experiment (GENIE) at the Lorenz conference center in Leiden (NL) 3-7 June 2002. For more details please see the Letter of Invitation.
  • Michelson Interferometry Summer School, Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, Cambridge, MA, 24-28 June 2002. This school will emphasize the engineering principles of long baseline stellar interferometry, and will be devoted to the material described in the book of course notes from the 1999 Summer School.
  • JMMC, Observing with the VLTI, Les Houches, France, 3-8 February 2002. See the First Announcement. The application deadline is 30 November 2001. The school is sponsored by ESO, ESA, JMMC, CNRS, and NATO. Proceedings now available.
  • CNRS, Astrophysique et Interferometre du Very Large Telescope (VLTI), Observatoire de Nice, France, 22-24 October 2001. The objectives of this school are to initiate astrophysicists in the use of the VLTI. After the completion of the program, participants will be capable of framing a request for observation time, will have a detailed understanding of the instrument, and will understand the interpretation of interferometric data. Courses will be given in French.
  • NEVEC-TNO, Workshop on Imaging with the VLTI, Leiden Observatory, Netherlands, 11 October 2001.
  • 36th Liege International Astrophysical Colloquium, Liege, Belgium, 2-5 July 2001. "From Optical to Millimetric Interferometry: Scientific and Technological Challeges."
  • 198th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Pasadena, USA, 3-7 June, 2001. There was a day-long session on the subject of Optical Interferometry and a Special Session on Beyond SIRTF/SOFIA/Herschel which includes discussions of future Far-IR space interferometry.
  • Semaine de l'Astrophysique Francaise, Lyon, France, 28 May - 1 June, 2001. L'Action Sp�cifique Haute R�solution Angulaire is organizing its annual meeting over two days, Thursday May 30, and Friday June 1, 2001. Subjects covered included the recent success with interferometers (Keck, VLTI, GI2T, IONIC, and others), adaptive optics, coronagraphs, and next generation instruments. Registration was through the SF2A website. For more information contact Denis Mourard at denis.mourard@obs-azur.fr.
  • Michelson Interferometry Summer School, Flagstaff, Arizona, 21-25 May 2001. This summer school will emphasize strategies of observation and data reduction with an emphasis on synthesis imaging at optical/IR wavelengths. Subjects related to engineering and potential astrophysics with interferometers, having been covered in previous summer schools, will only be briefly reviewed. For further details visit the2001 Michelson Interferometry Summer School Web Page.
  • OSA, Providence, Rhode Island, 22-26 October 2000. As part of the Optical Society of America'sAnnual General Meeting there will be a Symposium on Interferometric Imaging with invited talks by Dave Mozurkewich (NRL) and Peter Lawson (JPL).
  • NOVA/LEIDEN/NEVEC/ESO/ESA, Leiden, 18-22 September 2000. School on Space and Ground Based Optical/Infrared Interferometry. The aim of the workshop was to give attendees a solid overview of the theoretical principles of optical/IR interferometry, the atmosphere, the existing instruments, science issues relevant to interferometry, and the VLTI and DARWIN projects. Attendees were from universities, technical laboratories and industry with a strong interest in this field. The lectures were at a level suitable for early PhD. The number of attendees were limited to 35. Proceedings containing viewgraphs from the school are now available.
  • Michelson Summer School, U.C. Berkeley, 21-25 August 2000. The 2000 Michelson Summer School was held at the campus of the University of California, Berkeley. The emphasis was on topics in astrophysics and how optical/IR interferometers may be used to expand our understanding of astrophysical processes. The design and engineering of interferometers, discussed extensively in the 1999 Summer School, were not covered. The audio and viewgraphs of the lectures will be available in the coming months at the Michelson Summer School website.
  • SPIE/ESO, Munich, 27-31 March 2000. Interferometry in Optical Astronomy (AS04) is a part of the larger conference on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation. International Congress Center, Munich. Conference chairs were Pierre Léna and Andreas Quirrenbach.
  • JPL, Arcadia, California, 20-21 January 2000. SIM Grid Star Workshop to characterize suitable stars for the SIM astrometric grid and to define selection criteria for large numbers of grid stars for the Space Interferometry Mission.
  • AAS, Atlanta, 12 January 2000. The 195th Meeting of the American Astronomical Society opened with an invited talk by H.A. McAlister on Georgia State's CHARA Array on Mt. Wilson and included a Special Session on Ground based optical/IR Interferometry with brief presentations by P.R. Lawson, W.A. Traub, M.M. Colavita, K.J. Johnston, and S.T. Ridgway. Local information describing Atlanta was made available courtesy of the Center for High Angular Resolution Astronomy (CHARA).
  • SNSB/ESA, Sweden, 17-19 November 1999. The conference Darwin and Astronomy was held in Stockholm Sweden, 17-19 November 1999. The conference was organised by the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB), the European Space Agency (ESA) and Stockholm Observatory.
  • ISSS, Italy, 30 Aug - 10 Sept 1999. This year the International School of Space Science (ISSS) is devoted to the subject of High Resolution Observations in Astronomy, its scientific and technological challenges and its implications for astrophysics in the new Millenium. The school is targeted for advanced PhD students and young researchers. Attendence is limited to 60 students, with the selection made by the school Scientific Board. The school will be held at its traditional conference center near L`Aquila (Italy), 50 km east of Rome. Deadline for applications is May 15, 1999.
  • Caltech, 9-13 August 1999. Michelson Interferometry Summer School, Pasadena, CA. This is the second Interferometry Summer School and follows the one held in Flagstaff in October of 1998. This five day workshop is currently being planned to include three days of tutorial lectures, a day at the Mnt Wilson Observatory including lectures and tours of the CHARA Array and the ISI, and a day trip to the Mnt Palomar Observatory to visit the Palomar Testbed Interferometer.
  • PNHRAA, 14-16 June 1999. Forum PNHRAA 1999, to be held in Grenoble, France. The objectives of the Forum are to present to potential users and non-specialists in France the techniques of adaptive optics and interferometry, to review the results of methods of high angular resolution astronomy, to predict future benefits, and to forcast potential requirements. The Forum will also address research and development for current and future projects.
  • Dana Point CA, 24-28 May 1999. Working on the Fringe, an International Conference on Optical and IR Interferometry from the Ground and Space. To be held at Dana Point, California.
  • ESO, 1-5 March 1999. VLT Opening Symposium to be held at Antofagasta, Chile. This symposium includes the ESO Workshop on the Search for Extra-Solar Planets with the VLT/VLTI. Proceedings now available.
  • USNO/JPL/NSF/CHARA, 4-9 October 1998. Optical/IR Interferometry Workshop at Flagstaff, Arizona. Tutorial lectures on methods and approaches to long baseline stellar interferometry.
  • University of Colorado, August 5 - 7, 1998. Ultraviolet-Optical Space Astrono my Beyond HST.
  • Astronomical Society of the Pacific, 28 June - 1 July 1998. 110th Annual Meeting including a Symposium on adaptive optics and interferometry, Catching the Perfect Wave.
  • NRAO, 17-23 June 1998. Synthesis Imaging Summer School - tutorials on aperture synthesis imaging with radio interferometers.
  • NATO ASI, 5-15 May 1998, Planets Outside the Solar System in Cargese, France.
  • SPIE, March 1998. Technical conference on Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation, at the Kona Surf Resort in Hawaii, which includes the conference on Astronomical Interferometry.
  • Infrared Space Interferometry: Astrophysics and the Study of Earth-like Planets. March 11-14, 1996. ItsProceedings are available.
  • SPIE/ESO, 29 May - 2 June 1996. Optical Telescopes of Today and Tomorrow. Proc. SPIE Vol 2871.Proceedings are available.
  • NATO ASI, 9-19 April 1996. Summer School on High Angular Resolution in Astrophysics. Les Houches, France. Its Proceedings are available.
  • PHOTON '96, 15-16 October 1996, //Integrated Optics for Astronomical Interferometry// in Grenoble, France. Its proceedings are also available online through ADS.
  • Berkeley, 25-27 January 1996. Workshop on Optical/Infrared Interferometry and Adaptive Optics, in Honor of Charles H. Townes for his 80th birthday.
  • SPIE, 15-16 March 1994. Amplitude and Intensity Spatial Interferometry II, in Kona, Hawaii. Proc. SPIE Vol 2200. Proceedings are available.
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