This page provides a list of resources for students and researchers who are new to the field of stellar interferometry. It provides a list of reading material and links to tutorial web pages that teach the basics of interferometry. The current and potential targets of stellar interferometry are discussed in depth in the Annual Reviews papers in the selected reading that follows. For information of a more technical nature and for links to current and future interferometry projects please consult the Links page. For information about radio interferometry please consult the Education page of the National Radio Astronomy Obsevatory.

Selected Reading in Long Baseline Stellar Interferometry

The following reading list provides a good introduction to the principles and practice of optical long-baseline interferometry. The Annual Reviews papers contain an extensive bibliography, and many of the key papers in the field (up until 1997) are contained in the SPIE Milestone volume. Appendix B (PDF 208 K) of Principles of Long Baseline Stellar Interferometry contains a wide range and more up to date list of references covering the existing interferometers.

Popular science articles

  • Probing stars with optical and near-IR interferometry
    Theo ten Brummelaar, Michelle Creech-Eakman, and John Monnier
    Physics Today 62, issue 6, 28-33 (2009)
  • Optical interferometry comes of age
    Peter R. Lawson
    Sky and Telescope, May (2003), pp. 30-39.
  • A sharper view of the stars (subscription required)
    A.R. Hajian and J.T. Armstrong
    Sci. Am., March (2001).
  • Stellar Optical Interferometry in the 1990s
    J. T. Armstrong, D. J. Hutter, K. J. Johnston, and D. Mozurkewich Physics Today 48, 42 (1995).

Astrophysics with optical interferometers

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History of Stellar Interferometry

The following interferometers have ceased operations - the indicated dates are approximately the dates that the interferometers were operational: 20ft (1920-1931), 50ft (1931-1938), Intensity Interferometer (1964-1976), I2T (1974-1987), Mark I (1979), Mark II (1982-1984), 11.4m prototype (1985-1988), SOIR D'ETE (1979-1993), IRMA (1990-1992), Mark III (1986-1993), I2T/CHARON (1993-1996), and MIRA-I (1998-1999).
A Timeline of Stellar Interferometry shows the development of these interferometers from 1955 up until January 2000.

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